I’m a former professional developer / architect nowadays working as a project manager / product manager. The fact that my daily job doesn’t revolve about coding anymore doesn’t mean that my interest died in it. That’s why the Raspberry PI caught my attention, an ideal platform for small interesting projects that can be useful for other people. So I purchased one, but not for turning it into a cheap video player (there’s nothing wrong with that!) … I have been thinking about implementing a home automation system for a long time. One with a low budget, based open source solution and still usable in real life. The RPi turned out to be a great platform for this. My next project is turning into a proper headless music streamer… I felt that keeping the knowledge that I have gathered wouldn’t be fair, so I have created this blog to share it, and also the code I have created to extend the packages that I’m using for my projects. Have fun reading it! 🙂



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