camprof 1.0 released

The short story: I have a Colorchecker Passport and I couldn’t use it with my favorite raw processor DXO Optics Pro. There’s a Lightroom plugin and that’s all, no other raw processor is supported by X-Rite. I couldn’t find an affordable solution that would create an ICC profile from a Colorchecker target so I wrote one… 🙂

camprof is an easy to use ICC profile maker for your camera. It lets you to use your Colorchecker Passport or Colorchecker target with DXO Optics Proc to profile your lighting and get better color balance than basic white balancing.

camprof uses scanin, icclib, cgats from ArgylCMS. The profile calculation / generation is done by a new module (camprof) written by me.

You can download it the camprof page


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